Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453
Istanbul within Istanbul Ağaoğlu is building a new Istanbul within Istanbul through the most distinguished architectural project of Europe: Maslak 1453. Towers, terrace-homes and office blocks... The project is designed to be a complete living center. Cadde 1453, squares, restaurants and cafes will offer you a new-found love of Istanbul. It is also a profitable project for the investors, where the rent will pay off their investments in no time.
Eclipse Maslak
Where Business and Life Meets

Eclipse Maslak offers you premium comfort and qualities that will make you feel over the moon, and focus only on your goals and life. Eclipse Maslak is for those with a wide vision... It offers specially designed areas for business goals, state-of-the-art offices and workplaces. Everything you need is offered in a professional, meticulous and high quality sense of service. Because, those who are in the center of the world, build a world around themselves.

A total of 1.111 housing units are available at the “Terrace” stage bearing an area of 250.000 square meters completed in 17 months, which is the first stage of Vadistanbul Project,
which offers you “Another Istanbul” in the city centrum.
You will find everything you would need for a good life at Vadistanbul Terrace that is located on an area of 51.000m2.
Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, walking tracks, saunas, basketball courts, children's playgrounds, and etc.
Located in the middle of Istanbul's main connection points,
Vadistanbul Terrace offers a fast and easy access to its residents with its Havaray connection, which is exclusive to the Vadistanbul project.
Vadistanbul Terrace comprises 8 blocks with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, and 5+1 Duplex apartment flat options, and has a parking capacity for 1800 vehicles.

Ağaoğlu MyHome Maslak
My Home Maslak is comprised of a total 786 flats on 3 special design towers. All flats in the project reflect the quality of Ağaoğlu with carefully considered architectural details. There are many options in the project fulfilling different needs from studio type flats to 3+1, 4+1 and terrace flats. Comfort and functionality are at the forefront in the flats that are planned by caring for the optimum square meter usage area.

Olive Sarıyer
A modern architectural concept combining the pureness of the color white with natural materials creating a timeless effect
South facing unobstructed view of the park and nature
Aesthetic and durable facade created by using natural stones
Gardens reserved for private use of garden duplexes
Skyland İstanbul
Skyland Istanbul is a distinguished project offering all you need with its valuable location close to Seyrantepe Türk Telekom Stadium,
its architecture combining a square and three towers around the square and its mixed structure offering residences, offices and concept shopping mall.