We offer consultancy services to the persons and institutions who own a land but need support in terms of the type, scope and target audience of a project to initiate an effective and profitable one.

To serve this purpose, AREA Danışmanlık thoroughly investigates the location of the project and within this scope;

Identifies advantages, disadvantages and risks,
Creates a potential customer profile,
Identifies the project specifications and house/office types that would be preferred in line with the profile,
Conducts market and competitor analyses,
Creates competitive strategies,
Continues market and competitor analyses for the duration of the project,
Identifies critical points that would create advantage in pre-owned market,
During the construction step, shares our expertise with the project owner from facade applications to color selection,
Identifies price ranges based on market and target customer specifications after cost,
Along with consultancy services, offers to carry out project sales process, if demanded.